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Egmont H. Petersen's Kollegium, in daily terms called Egmont Kollegiet, is one of Copenhagen's oldest hall of residences with many traditions. It was build in the beginning of the 1950s and consists of three buildings called "Gamle" (Old), "Mellemste" (Middle) and "Nye" (New). Egmont Kollegiet is situated centrally on Nørre Alle in Copenhagen East, just across Fælledparken.

Here in Denmark the Egmont Kollegie was made known throughout the country when DR (TV station) made a series about life at "Nye anden", where the people living in one of the kitchens at Egmont was followed closely for several months.

Presently the Egmont Kollegie is home for 492 students who study everything from theology to astro physics, everyone benefitting from the many various facilities that Egmont Kollegiet provides.