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Egmont dorm consists of 446 single rooms and 23 double rooms.


Single rooms are approximately 11 m2. There are between 20-24 residents on each hall. From the hall there is a passage to your and your neighbor's room which also gives access to the bath and toilet, which you share with your neighbor. Each room has it’s own washbasin. Additionally the rooms are fitted computer and antenna and you have free, though limited, access to the Internet. The hallways all have a large kitchen, where there are stoves, ovens, refrigerators and cupboards. You will be assigned your own cupboard and shelf in the refrigerator.

The individual kitchen operates under the rules agreed on by the hall.

The double rooms consist of 2 adjoining (én suite) rooms and are approximately 26 m2 in total, with private bath / toilet.

Couples benefit highest priority in obtaining a double room.

Monthly rent for a single room is Dkr. 2865, and approx. Dkr. 4.450 per Month for a doubleroom. Deposit etc. is Dkr. 6600 upon moving in (single room) and approx. 9200 for double rooms. Deposit will be returned upon departure if the room is free of lacks. Maintenance fee (including free access to the gym) to be paid is Dkr. 2250 for single rooms and for double room between 2250-4500 Dkr. for 1 or 2 residents.