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Closed for applications.


If you have applied before the deadline September 21st, your application will be processed with E-mail reply late october 2021. This webpage will be updated when replies are sent out. Please check your spam filter.

It is not possible to process applications outside the deadlines.

Next deadline for application is anticipated in December '21 / January '22. 

If you are applying from a Danish residence, your application must be posted to the dormitory. See address on application form.

If you are applying from an international address you may e-mail your application with relevant documents to kontor@ehp.dk.


General application information:

Pls. observe that the Danish Post Office may take 5 days to bring out national mail.

Applications should be sent as standard mail and NOT registered mail. You may also e-mail your application to: kontor@ehp.dk


You will receive a reply one month after the application deadline at the earliest and occupation is not possible earlier than 1 ½ month after the application deadline.

Enrolment and residency rules for Egmont H. Petersen's Kollegium in Copenhagen.

  1. In order to be admitted and stay at the dorm one must be enrolled in a course at a university in the Copenhagen area.
  2. The study should lead to a bachelor's degree or a master's degree.
  3. If the internship is an integrated part of a course, earning the standard number of ECTS credits, you may stay at the dorm during that period of time.
  4. At occupation the maximum duration of the stay at the dorm is the remaining time of completion plus 1 year.  The maximum duration of the stay at the dorm is rated as the length of your study plus max. 6 Months on a bachelor study and max. 6 Months on a Master study. A contract that indicates the relocation date is signed on occupation.
  5. Changing your study during your stay at Egmont dormitory, the number of years used on your first study is deducted the total number of years you may stay at the dorm.
  6. When calculating the duration of stay at the dorm, the exchange periods are deducted from the total duration of stay, if the room has been made available to the college in that period.
  7. Nobody above the age of 30 years, or less than one year from graduation his/her studies can be enrolled at the college.
  8. Residents must leave the college at the age of 32.
  9. Couples can only be enrolled and live at the dorm, if one meets all the requirements for admission and the other is studying and meets the age requirement (see Section 7 and 8).
  10. Housing options for students enrolled in 4 + 4 systems toward a Ph.D. follow Section 4, although one must be receiving SU (Student Benefits) or similar to stay at the dorm.
  11. In exceptional cases, i.e. prolonged illness, there may be granted an exemption from the rules above.


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